About Us

Filerox.com is a website which is created for providing best free services to our users. There are lot of reasons available behind filerox.com website foundation.

Features of Using Filerox.

  • You can download free and safe software for your operating system like windows, android and mac.
  • Get latest version of maximum all software available at Filerox.
  • Get old versions of maximum all software these versions will helpful you in that time when the latest version of that particular software doesn’t work properly.
  • Maximum all software available at Filerox are safe and secure to download.
  • We doesn’t offer paid software for free.
  • You can ask questions for a software in case if you have any doubt about a software.
  • Our user or you can rate or review software by your experience.
  • The security status available in maximum all software page allow you in understanding that should you download a software or not.

Have any doubt?

Have you any doubt about filerox.com or do you want to get more information about filerox.com website than you can contact us any time by our email address which is [email protected].

Do you want to advertise on Filerox.com

If you want to promote your business or a product on filerox.com website than you can visit filerox.com advertisement page.

In filerox.com webpage you will find some advertisements plans offered by filerox.com. You can select any one plan from the available plans according to your need.

What about software submission

Generally we don’t accept software from third party. We publish on those software on filerox.com which we found that those software are useful for our users.

If you want to publish or submit your software to filerox.com website than you have to go through the advertisement page and also you can read our software policy.

Our software policy is  dedicated to our users as well as those peoples who want to submit there software on filerox.com website.